Presentation and CV of Jacques Pain

Jacques Pain died on the morning of January 17, 2021

Professor of Educational Sciences.
In charge of a research sector “ Crisis, school, sensitive spaces”.
(Halima Belhandouz ; Hervé Cellier ; Laurence Croix ; Marie Anne Hugon ; Jacques Pain ; Alain Vulbeau)
Institutional pedagogy and intervention.
Violence in the school and in the institutions.
Training of teachers and educators.
Foundor of the associative editions Matrice (71, rue des Camélias, Vigneux-sur-Seine 91270 – 01 69 03 21 80, with Daniel David and Christine Vander Borght (

Bibliography (books)

Chronicle of the « casern-school » (with Oury F.), 1972, Paris, Maspero ; 1998, Vigneux, Matrice.
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School : violence or pedagogy ?, 1992, Vigneux, Matrice.
Institutional pedagogy of intervention, 1993, Vigneux, Matrice.
From institutional pedagogy to the training of teachers, (collective), 1994, Vigneux, Matrice.
Violence in schools. A european comparative study about twelve second grade colleges, in Germany, England, France (with Barrier E., Robin D.), 1997, Vigneux, Matrice.
Suburbs : the challenges of a sensitive college (avec Degois M.-P.,Le Goff C.),1998,Paris, ESF.
Non-violence through violence ,a difficult way, 1999, Vigneux, Matrice.
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Society starts at school. Prevent violence or prevent school ?, 2002, Vigneux, Matrice.
The invention of authority (avec Vulbeau A.), 2003, Vigneux, Matrice.
Towards active pedagogy. With or without the school?, 2003,Vigneux, Matrice.
Thinking about pedagogy, 2003, Vigneux, Matrice.
Landscapes and figures of violence, (collective), 2003 ,Vigneux, Matrice.
Violence at school, 2006, Paris, Anthropos-Economica.

Participation to 23 other collective books. Author of 150 articles.

See also :
Violence between pupils, bullying and brutality, Dan Olweus, preface by Jacques Pain, 1999, Paris, ESF.
Prevent et act against violence in the classroom, Rémi Casanova, preface by Jacques Pain, 2000, Paris, Hattier.
Starting a classroom in institutional pedagogy, Edith Héveline, Bruno Robbes, preface by Jacques Pain, 2000, Paris, Hattier.
Thirty words of Françoise Dolto for parents educative workers, Françoise Chébaux, preface by Jacques Pain, 2000, Paris, PUF.
Practice reciprocal learning in the school, under the direction of Claire héber-Suffrin, preface by Jacques Pain, 2005, Lyon, Chronique sociale.